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Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hand while the cameras were rolling on the set of Django Unchained and kept moving through the scene, never breaking character, and  his real-life bloodied hand made it into the final version of the film. During one take of that scene, DiCaprio unintentionally slammed his hand into glass, creating a gash that later required stitches. But that didn’t stop him from doing his job. As his hand bled quite visibly, DiCaprio kept going, even using the hand as a new dramatic prop. At one point he smears his bloodied hand over Broomhilda’s face in an act of evil dominance. And Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) looks horrified as he does it. (Perhaps Washington wasn’t acting!) And that was the take that director Quentin Tarantino kept in the film. (Source)

my Christmas:

okay so most kids these days are soooo spoiled, even when there parents try and give them the best they can even on such a tight income, and i’ve been called ungrateful and spoiled my self. i got socks and candy for christmas and i was so happy that i cried … yes im spoiled okay sure. this has been one of the best Christmas’s ive had in years, every one in my family where smiling and laughing together, i got to see my oldest brother that i haven’t seen in months and i got socks and candy, now i wont have cold feet at night and get sick, also i now have more food in my house, out of the small amount i have already. if i died today i would die happy :), so yes i know most kids are spoiled but my friends please dont call me spoiled because thats one thing im not 

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